Hydroponics 101

HID Lighting (High Intensity Discharge)

Metal Halide Light System In Action High intensity discharge (HID) lights are the most commonly used grow light since they give off a greater amount of lumens (visible light power) per watt of incoming electricity to the light. HID lights are commonly preferred over fluorescent and incandescent lamps because their power will is displayed in [...]

Incandescent Grow Lights

Don’t be fooled by Incandescent lights. Incandescent grow lights will typically produce the red-yellowish end of the light spectrum with an approximate color temperature of around 2700 K. Though they are many times labeled as growing lights, they are not good growing lights. The are much less efficient than fluorescent lights or typical HID grow [...]

Confessions of A New Indoor Gardener

In my hands I felt the heft of the large box of hydroponic gardening equipment I had recently purchased. “Microgarden?” I thought, “This thing weighs at least 30 pounds.” I set down the box on the carpet of my living room. Leaning over with hands on knees, as a long time soil gardener, I didn’t [...]

The Big Tomato on ‘The Balancing Act’ on Lifetime Television

The producers of The Balancing Act approached The Big Tomato about the practice of indoor hydroponic gardening. They discussed the frequent questions and requests they get on a consistent basis by their primarily female audience. The questions they get asked frequently are things like, ‘What is Hydroponics?’, ‘How do we start an indoor garden?’, ‘Are [...]

What Is Hydroponic Gardening?

If you break down the word “hydroponics” in the Greek, (which I’m sure most people don’t do before asking the definition of a word), you will find that it comes from the root words “hydro” which means “water”, and “ponos” which means “labor”. People have the choice to plant their gardens in soil, or they [...]