125 W Compact Fluorescent Bulb - Daylight


Excellent Primary Source FOR SuperPlanting., Review by Rapture RNA   - Denver, CO

Long life. Low amps. Excellent Luminosity and great overall photon penetration.

Hydrofarm Light Track System - 4ft Light Track


Awesome product, Review by Happy Customer    

Doesn’t have any fancy features like some of the more expensive models (or any features, really) but it does one thing and it does it very well. I’ve had one for almost a year now and it’s still going strong and I just ordered a second. If all you need is for your light to go back and forth, over and over again, at a fixed rate, stopping at the end of the rail, you should buy this light mover.


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Advanced Nutrients B-52


Vitamin B is the Bomb!, Review by Rocky    

My plants really took off after I introduced B-52! Great stuff!


“By far the best customer service and prices online!”B.Bell


“The knowledgeable staff is amazing! Always willing to answer (correctly!) any questions you have about every product they sell. And they have everything you need!”David H.


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Ona Block, 6 Ounces


ONA BLOCK WORKS!, Review by Dano    

I bought an Ona block a few months ago to control cat box odor and musty dank smell from downstairs and it worked great! Odors gone! Cheap and lasts a long time. When it shrinks break it apart to release more scent eliminating goodness! You can’t go wrong with ONA block!

Homegarden System


Works as advertised! , Review by Jac    

I purchased one of these a couple years ago and couldn’t have been happier with the product. Great for one’s first dabble into the world of Hydroponics. Easy to maintain deep water culture system, as there’s a clear visual indication of water levels. No guessing as to whether it needs water like in a home-brew rubbermaid setup. It was able to support multiple plants with room for a massive root mass and explosive growth. It’s small size and dimensions are perfect for a stealth hydro grow in say a metal filing cabinet. I’d highly recommend this product.

125 W Compact Fluorescent Bulb - Daylight


Good supplemental light for Veg / Cuttings. , Review by Dic    

Great bulbs for mom’s and cuttings. Not a lot of heat but will still effect the ambient temp. If you can buy/utilize a cheap reflector do it. the more lumen’s the better.